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Beyond Berlin Bike tours doesn't rent out bikes itself, but has partnered with two places that offer great bike rental options:

  • Road or gravel bikes at the meeting point for our tours, Steel Vintage Bikes Café on Wilhelmstraße 91

  • E-Bikes (sporty ones) at the List 'n Ride Experience center, 10 minutes biking from our meeting point


Bikes have limited availability, so book your bike asap to not miss out. For tours on weekends, in any case book your bike before Friday 17:00!

Road or gravel bikes at Steel Vintage Bikes Café (our meeting point)

We start the tours at the Steel Vintage Bike Café on the Wilhelmstrasse 91 in Mitte, and they rent out great (modern) gravel and road bikes very affordably. For only € 20 per day (and less for longer rentals), you can rent their Stelvio Gravel bike (a sturdy road bike with disk brakes and slightly wider tires), which is perfect for our tours. These have a limited availability, so if your size is not available anymore, their (slightly more expensive) Competition road bikes are also very suitable.


Please note the following when renting a bike at Steel Vintage Bikes:

  • Book your bike right away when booking the tour to avoid disappointment, and in any case before Friday 17.00 hr for tours on weekends.

  • Make sure to add a helmet to your booking (free). Other additions are not necessary, unless you'd like to venture out on your own after the end of the tour, in which case a lock may be useful.

  • If you pick up your bike on the morning before the tour, please be there at least 15 mins before our meeting time (so usually at 9:45, so you’re ready to roll at 10:00).

  • IMPORTANT: due to the current circumstances the bike café temporarily closes at 15.00 hr, which usually is before we get back. However, you can return the bike at their other location on Auguststrasse 91, which is 10 minutes biking from the bike café on Wilhelmstrasse.


Stelvio Gravel bike


Competition road bike

E-bikes at the List 'n Ride Experience center

At the List 'n Ride Experience center on Oranienburger Str. 1-3 (at Hackescher Markt, 10 mins biking from our meeting point) you can rent amazing, sporty E-bikes for a very good price. For our tours on Sundays, they especially offer the option of picking up your bike at 9:30 AM so you can then bike to our meeting point and meet us there at 10:00 AM. To this end, please book through any of the following links:

Please note that the range of the E-bike (how many km. the battery lasts) depends largely on the level of support that is used. With normal use, biking one way (up to 50 km.) won't be any problem. If you plan to also ride back to Berlin (instead of taking the S-Bahn), we recommend you also take the charger when picking up the bike, so the battery can be charged during lunch. In that case, make sure to bring a backpack to carry this charger.


For tours on Sundays, you can pick up the bike at the List 'n Ride Experience center in the morning at 9:30 and make it to our meeting point by 10:00. Alternatively, you can pick up the bike Saturday evening between 19:00 and 20:00. Of course you're also welcome to rent the bike for a longer period and pick it up a day or more earlier to enjoy more riding.


BZEN Milano


BZEN Brussels S



Road / gravel bikes
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